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Trabajo No Saludable: Causas, Consecuencias, Curas

The Center for Social Epidemiology is happy to announce a Spanish version of our book, Unhealthy Work: Causes, Consequences, Cures has just been released by the Universidad de los Andes and is available for sale ($42.00 or COL$75,000). 

We would like to extend our thanks to our colleagues who translated the book:  Viviola Gomez, Javier Garcia, Isabel Garcia, Arturo Garcia, and Leonor Cedillo and encourage those who can to read the new preface by authors Viviola Gomez Ortiz, Arturo Juarez-Garcia, Lya Feldman, Gisela Blanco and Aldo Vera. 

Excerpt from the back cover:

    “El trabajo, tan fundamental para el bienestar, tiene su lado oscuro y costoso. Las formas en las que se organiza el trabajo, su ritmo e intensidad, el grado de control sobre los procesos laborales, el sentido de justicia y la seguridad laboral, entre ostras cosas, pueden ser tan toxicos para la salud de los trabajadores como los quimicos que hay en el ambiente. Dichos aspectos del trabajo son “riesgos” del ambiente psicosocial que funcionan como estresores laborales. Ests libro explora una comprension del ambiente social del trabajo y sus relaciones con la salud en tres partes: en la primera, los cambios que han tenido lugar en el mundo laboral en el contexto de la economia global. En la segunda los hallazgos cientificos de los efectos de las condiciones de trabajo en la salud de los empleados, estimativos de los costos para los empleadores y la sociedad e identifica el trabajo no saludable como un problema de salud publica. En la tercera parte se presentan estudios de caso y varias aproximaciones para mejorar las condiciones de trabajo y la salud.”

Excerpt from the English version:

    “Work, so fundamental to well-being, has its darker and more costly side. Work can adversely affect our health, well beyond the usual counts of injuries that we think of as “occupational health.” The ways in which work is organized—its pace and intensity, degree of control over the work process, sense of justice, and employment security, among other things—can be as toxic to the health of workers as the chemicals in the air. These work characteristics can be detrimental not only to mental well-being but to physical health. Scientists refer to these features of work as “hazards” of the “psychosocial” work environment. One key pathway from the work environment to illness is through the mechanism of stress; thus we speak of “stressors” in the work environment, or “work stress.” This is in contrast to the popular psychological understandings of “stress,” which locate many of the problems with the individual rather than the environment. In this book we advance a social environmental understanding of the workplace and health. The book addresses this topic in three parts: the important changes taking place in the world of work in the context of the global economy (Part I); scientific findings on the effects of particular forms of work organization and work stressors on employees’ health, “unhealthy work” as a major public health problem, and estimates of costs to employers and society (Part II); and case studies and various approaches to improve working conditions, prevent disease, and improve health (Part III).”

To obtain a copy of the book please go to: http://libreria.uniandes.edu.co/ and type the name of the book into its search engine.

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