Reduced Heart Rate Variability

“In the United States, more than 120,000 people die each year suddenly and without warning from a sudden cardiac catastrophe. One possible reason is reduced heart rate variability, which is an important predictor of heart disease, as well as death from arrhythmias (heart rate rhythm disturbances) following a heart attack. A healthy heart will show lots of variation in heart rate over the course of a day, as the body responds to various demands and challenges. One study has shown a connection between job strain and reduced heart rate variability [123]. Other workplace stressors related to reduced heart rate variability are heavy mental workload, long work hours, or shift work [124].”

Taken from: Schnall PL, Dobson M, Rosskam E, Editors Unhealthy Work: Causes, Consequences, Cures. Baywood Publishing, 2009.

123. Collins, S. M., R. A. Karasek, and K. Costas, Job Strain and Autonomic Indices of Cardiovascular Disease Risk, American Journal of Industrial Medicine, 48, pp. 182-193, 2005.

124. Belkic, K., Cardiac Electrical Stability and Environmental Stress, Occupational Medicine: State of the Art Reviews, 15:1, pp. 117-120, 2000.

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