The 6th ICOH International Conference on Work Environment and Cardiovascular Diseases – Tokyo, Japan, March 27-30, 2013

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

The ICOH Scientific Committee of Cardiology in Occupational Health has great pleasure in inviting you to attend the 6th ICOH International Conference on Work Environment and Cardiovascular Diseases, which will be held on 27-30 March 2013 in Tokyo, Japan. The Conference will follow the previous and highly successful International ICOH Conferences on Work Environment and Cardiovascular Diseases which were held in Cracow in 2009, Newport Beach in 2005, Dusseldorf in 2002, Tel Aviv 1998 and Copenhagen in 1994. The Conference will be an excellent opportunity for exchange of scientific evidence and good practices by occupational physicians, cardiologists, cardiac rehabilitation specialists, sociologists, psychologists and policy makers in occupational health. I do hope that you will join us for this important Conference.

I am also pleased to inform you that the conference website


March 27-30, 2013
Kitasato University Shirokane Campus, Convention Hall,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Chair: Akizumi Tsutsumi  
Secretary-general: Koji Wada  
Advisers: Yoshiharu Aizawa Teruichi Shimomitsu
  Tohru Izumi Tsutomu Takata
  Kazutaka Kogi  
Members: Kumi Hirokawa Yasumasa Otsuka
  Kazunori Kayaba Akihito Shimazu
  Fumio Kobayashi Toru Yoshikawa
  Yuko Odagiri  

The ICOH Scientific Committee on Cardiology in Occupational Health is a committee of researchers, cardiologists, occupational health physicians and public health workers throughout the world concerned about the impact of work and work-related factors on cardiovascular health, in particular hypertension and ischemic heart disease. Linking economic globalization to the changing nature of work and its impact on the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and focusing on research, worksite interventions, and public health, we are organized as an official committee of the International Commission of Occupational Health. Our work focuses on identifying work-related risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, including both the physical and psychosocial work environment, the interplay of social class, work and health, interventions to reduce the burden of unhealthy jobs, and public policy concerns to foster change in working conditions. The 6th Conference will address prevention of cardiovascular diseases from wide perspectives―social, organizational, and clinical.

The official language of the conference will be English
(Some sessions will be offered also in Japanese).

Hynek Pikhart UK
Jian Li Germany
Peter Schnall USA
Peter Smith Australia
Ludovic Van Amelsvoort the Netherlands
Alicja Bortkiewicz Poland
Chantal Brisson Canada
Leonor Cedillo Mexico
Elzbieta Gadzicka Poland
Paul Landsbergis USA
Niklas Krause USA
Reiner Rugulies Denmark
Els Clays Belgium
Uche Ojomo Nigeria
José Carlos D. Carneiro Brazil
Sara Arphorn Thailand
Bongkyoo Choi USA
Marco M Ferrario Italy
Andreas Holtermann Denmark
Hua Fu China
Robert Karasek USA
Norito Kawakami Japan
Jungsun Park Korea
Johannes Siegrist Germany
Töres Theorell Sweden
Jussi Vahtera Finland

The 6th ICOH
International Conference on Work Environment and Cardiovascular Diseases
Department of Public Health
Kitasato University School of Medicine
Tel: +81-42-778-9352 Fax: +81-42-778-9257

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