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Job Content Questionnaire Items

Items from the Job Content Questionnaire often used to define psychological job demands and job decision latitude

Psychological job demands

  1. My job requires working very fast
  2. My job requires working very hard
  3. I am not asked to do an excessive amount of work*
  4. I have enough time to get the job done*
  5. I am free from conflicting demands that others make*

Job decision latitude (the sum of two equally weighted subscales)

Decision authority

  1. My job allows me to make a lot of decisions on my own
  2. On my job, I have very little freedom to decide how I do my work*
  3. I have a lot of say about what happens on my job

Skill utilization

  1. My job requires that I learn new things
  2. My job involves a lot of repetitive work*
  3. My job requires me to be creative
  4. My job requires a high level of skill
  5. I get to do a variety of different things on my job
  6. I have an opportunity to develop my own special abilities

*Reverse scored

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  1. Aswandi bin Omar says:

    As a PhD student, I need to use this questionnaire in my research, can I have a permission officially from the founder to use this questionnaire for my research.

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