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1984 Hypertension, Detection and Follow-up Program Article

Dear Colleagues,
With some effort we were finally able to retrieve an article (click here for pdf) written by Peter Schnall and Michael Alderman in 1984 making available evidence from the Hypertension, Detection and Follow-up Program (HDFP) clinical trial of hypertension drugs. This paper demonstrates that white men and white women with very elevated blood pressure did poorly in response to treatment in the HDFP trial. Please keep in mind that this remains a controversial issue as significant side effects occur from the treatment of mild hypertension (blood pressures of 140/90 remains undemonstrated, see 2010 Cochrane report on mild hypertension). 
Best wishes,
Peter Schnall MD, MPH

Professor of Medicine, U.C. at Irvine
Director, Center for Social Epidemiology


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