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CSE Conferences and Meetings for 2010

The last meeting of the  California Work and Health Study Group was this past May, 2010 in Berkeley, California. These are regular meetings (three times/year) of colleagues in occupational health interested in discussing topical issues concerning the role of psychosocial factors at the workplace through the vehicle of the California Work and Health Study Group attended by 20 to 30 different researchers primarily from California.

As Chair of the ICOH Scientific Committee on Cardiology in Occupational Health 2005-2010 and as a current member of the ICOH Scientific Committee on Work Organization and Psychosocial Stressors Dr. Schnall chaired and helped organize several successful international meetings. He was invited to give several keynote addresses during 2010 at international conferences. He is also currently helping to organize a 3 day international conference to be held in Bogota, Colombia in October 2012 at the U. de los Andes sponsored by two Latin American research networks, RIPSOL and RIFAPT.

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