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California Work and Health Group (CWHG) Mission Statement

Drafted by: Karen Belkic, Paul Landsbergis and Peter Schnall

What is our purpose for doing research?

  • To prevent ill-health
  • To make healthy work a reality
  • To help humanize the workplace

How is this research to be conducted?

  • Based on sound scientific principles.
  • With rigorous criteria of reliability, validity and study design.
  • With ethics, ethics, ethics (explicate).
  • With recognition of the difficulties of the conduction of psychosocial stress research.
  • With participatory research which involves employees and employers in the research process & in their own salutogenesis.
  • Coordinated with other centers of research aiming toward multicenter intervention trials.
  • With researchers that are interactive and egalitarian.
  • With colleagues from other groups to co-author papers in their areas of expertise.
  • With an international perspective.
  • Collaboratively with trade unions, businesses and government agencies.

What are our responsibilities?

  • To all working people in their efforts to humanize the work place.
  • To enter public debate by the dissemination of our research findings through scientific journal articles and public education materials.
  • To oppose classism, sexism and racism in our own professional work.
  • To be prepared to debate social issues and challenge the systems that maintain the status quo at the expense of one group over another.
  • To exercise and/or develop scientific solidarity.
  • To maximize intellectual debate and dialog.
  • To provide support for each other and concrete aid in our efforts.
  • To be open on our parts to feedback.
  • To be honest about the limitations of our work.
  • To provide opportunities to discuss and reflect about difficult issues.
  • To review each others articles.
  • To acknowledgment each others reviews.
  • To respect each others work in progress (scientific integrity).
  • To challenge the dominant mode of doing research, where someone else’s success is a threat to ourselves.
  • On the contrary, To celebrate each others success.

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