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The Coeur Project

Lars Kumlin

Health Department, 1410, Aerohalsan
Volvo Aero Corporation
S-461 81 Trollhattan, Sweden Phone: + 46 520 94 800
Fax: + 46 520 98 506
E-mail: Lars.Kumlin@mbox301.swipnet.se


In earlier studies the French population has shown a lower incidence of cardiac infarction as compared to the Swedish population.

As a result of the collaboration between Renault and Volvo, scientific research concerning cardiac risk factors has been conducted, especially as related to work situations (with preventive health care as the final objective).


In 1993 1000 men 45-50 years of age (in both companies) were divided by professional level into 4 blue collar and 4 white collar categories, and evaluated by a questionnaire and laboratory studies.

During 1996/1997 an in depth hospital study of 90 high risk and 90 low risk individuals from each country will be performed, involving new ultrasonographic methods and special laboratory tests such as insulin, as well as frozen sera for possible future use.

In 1998 all 2000 individuals will be followed up with health examinations; this procedure is planned to be redone after a period of 10 years.


No large differences have been shown between the two countries with respect to relevance of traditional risk factors (the traditional risk factors also include the Framhingham Risk Index).

The psychosocial questions are currently under analysis. Thus far we have seen that mean Type A-score (Bortner-scale) is higher among French employees and increases with higher worker categories in both countries. There does not seem to be big differences between the white-collar categories in the two countries. Analyses concerning Karasek scores in relation to traditional cardiac risk factors is presently being done with the help of Professor Kristina Orth-Gomer.

We are currently analysing the impact of life events where we will study separate, specific, work related life events.

In addition, analysis is ongoing concerning alcohol consumption, as well as concerning a broad dietary questionnaire involving the hogh and low risk groups mentioned above.


As the project has numerous dimensions, and many analyses are ongoing, we are currently (January 1997) not ready to give any definite conclusions. Several of our sub-studies have been submitted for publication, and are expected to be published soon.

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