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Dobson M. From Stress to Distress: Work and Its Impact on Mental Health. In: Schnall, Peter; Dobson, Marnie, Rosskam, Ellen et al. (editors). Unhealthy Work: Causes, Consequences, Cures.Critical Approaches in the Health Social Sciences edited by Ray Elling (Series Editor) Baywood, 2009.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

Choi B, Kawakami N, Chang SJ, Koh SB, Bjorner J, Punnett L, Karasek R. (2008). A cross-national study on the multidimensional characteristics of the five-item psychological demands scale of the Job Content Questionnaire. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 15(2), 120-132.

Choi B, Bjorner J, Ostergren PO, Clay E, Houtman I, Punnett L, Rosengren A, de Bacquer D, Ferrario M, Bilau M, Karasek RA. (2009) Cross-language differential item functioning of the job content questionnaire among European countries: the JACE Study. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 16(2), 136-147.

Peer-Reviewed Journal Abstracts:

Choi B, Schnall P, Yang H, Dobson M, Landsbergis P, Israel L, Karasek R, Baker D. (2009). Work stress and overeating coping in the US workforce. International Journal of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health, 22(Suppl), 43.

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